Monday, July 9, 2012

Executive Assistant Assassins #1

I readily admit that my interests cover a wide range of stories.

I like the intellectually challenging work, I enjoy straightforward tales of heroism, I (sometimes) relish the dystopian tale, I relish uplifting stories, and I like the lowbrow stuff.

So I admit that I enjoyed this issue of Executive Assistant Assassins (which probably belongs in the latter category).

It's the latest in a series of stories about trained killers who happen to be beautiful women. (I should also confess that I've never read the previous stories in this series.)

It's a story right out of the best of the "B" movies, as a secret academy trains women from birth to be the ultimate Executive Assistant, able to handle any situation, including business management, (ahem) personal service or bodyguard duties.

This story actually focuses on two different aspects of the academy. The first is the life - such as it is - of Executive Assistant Lily, who has fallen from grace and is forced to dance in sleazy dives to make a living. Of course, she can't leave her violent past behind, and it catches up to her.

We also focus on the academy itself, which faces some unexpected competition, with deadly consequences.

The story by Vince Hernandez clips along at top speed and never really slows down enough to show the flaws in the story. The art is by Jordan Gunderson, and it's solid, good-girl art with some strong action sequences mixed in.

This one is shaping up as an all-out action romp and - eventually - a revenge flick. Don't pick it up expecting deep thought or political correctness - but it is a lot of fun!

Grade: B+


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