Saturday, July 7, 2012

Earth 2 #3

Hey, did you hear that Green Lantern is gay?

Of course, we're talking about Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern from the 1940s.

In writer James Robinson's update of Earth 2, Alan seems to be the same hero in every other way (which is as it should be), and he's the latest to get rebooted in this modern-day, alternate Earth version of the Justice Society.

In a world that has lost its mightiest heroes (Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Supergirl and Robin), new heroes are needed.

This issue picks up moments after the end of the previous issue, as Alan somehow survives a terrible train wreck. In a similar method to the original character's origin, he finds himself the recipient of incredible power, and a warning that a great evil is coming that will overshadow even that of Darkseid.

I certainly like the idea of GL being recast as the pivotal hero in the war ahead - it's the least they can do, considering that this character has gone through the biggest transformation, with a tweaked origin, new costume and modern-day updating.

But there are other members of this pro to-Justice Society in the mix, as The Flash (Jay Garrick) meets a new Hawkgirl, and there's a mention of another hero already being up and running.

We also get a look at the next big opponent, as one of GL's greatest villains also gets a reboot.

The art is by Nicola and Trevor Scott, and I like it a lot. It's organic and energetic - in fact, my only complaint is that I'm not crazy about the new Green Lantern costume - it just seems rather generic and too... green.

I really like the pace of the story, I'm enjoying watching the band get back together, and I think the creative team is working well together.

I still miss "my" JSA, but this is an entertaining - if different - take on the classic, and so far, I'm glad to hang with it.

Grade: A-



Dwayne said...

I really found the dialogue in this issue bad enough to distract me. And I am FAR from a tough critic. The conversation between Flash and Hawkgirl reminded me of when Stan Lee "reimagined" the DCU. Hokey.

Chuck said...

Yeah, I thought the "meet cute" with Flash and Hawkgirl was trying a bit too hard. Doesn't Marvel have a copyright on the "heroes meet and fight immediately" bit?

Anonymous said...

I kinda like this book, but gree the new costume is way too green.