Friday, July 6, 2012

Action Comics #11

There's so much to like about Grant Morrison's version of Action Comics.

Superman is a genuinely likable character - not for his powers, but for his caring attitude. He worries about people, takes the time to help the regular citizens who are affected by his super-battles, he's smart, hard-working and worries about his friends.

He's in a bit of a corner because his alter ego, Clark Kent, was apparently killed last issue, and he's decided to allow that to stand in order to protect his friends from the dangers of being friends with Superman. So what happens when he has second thoughts?

There's a major menace on the horizon, a mystery threatening the Earth, and I love his response to the challenge: he smiles.

How wonderful to have a hero who's an optimist, who's not perfect but who's trying his best to deal with the incredible menaces that pop up daily in Metropolis.

The art is quite good, though it's a mix of two artist styles. There's the kinetic, energetic style of Rags Morales and Rick Bryant, and the more organic, rough-and-tumble work by Brad Walker. Both quite good, but not a seamless mix.

The story's only flaw is in the ending, which seems very abrupt and cliff-hangerish without properly being set up.

Still, this continues to be an excellent series - the best Superman since Morrison and Quitely's All-Star Superman, which has been the gold standard for a while.

Grade: A-


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