Thursday, June 28, 2012

Spider-Men #2 (of 5)

So what happens when Amazing meets Ultimate?

Take a wild guess.

Yep, when Peter Parker meets Miles Morales, they stick to the Marvel formula... and get into a fight.

Parker has been transported to the Ultimate Universe after a strange encounter with Mysterio (apparently the version from the Ultimate Universe, who has somehow crossed over into the Marvel Universe).

Most disturbing for Parker is that everyone seems to know his secret identity - but he doesn't know that his Ultimate double was killed, publicly mourned, and idolized for his sacrifice.

It's fun, of course, to see these two heroes meet - there are lots of similarities (both in powers and personalities), but lots of differences to sort out, too.

It's the usual sharp, entertaining script from Brian Bendis (with an especially funny explanation of events from Parker), and terrific art by Sara Pichelli, with original layouts and strong characters.

So far this has been building nicely - almost leisurely - as the characters are moved into place.

It's been fun - and it's still the only Spider-Man comic I buy.

Grade: A-


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