Friday, June 29, 2012

Justice League #10

So one of the problems with a team like Justice League is that it's difficult to come up with an opponent who can stand up to seven of the world's mightiest heroes.

In the opening storyline for the "New 52" version of the team, they turned to the mightiest villain in the DC Universe.

For this story, writer Geoff Johns and artist Jim Lee take the opposite approach - they create a brand-new villain.

And Graves appears to be powerful and crafty enough to hold his (its?) own.

Since this is just the opening chapter, we don't really know much about the new heavy in town, but he's apparently been plotting against the JL to avenge a tragedy - and he has the muscle to back up his plan. It remains to be seen if DC has just added another "A"-list villain to its ranks, but this is a promising start.

The art seems a little off from Lee's usual high level - perhaps it's because three different inkers worked on this issue.

One of the interesting things about the Justice League is that - at least for now - there's a strong feeling that the League doesn't want any new or additional members (we've had a brief glimpse to explain the reason why) - and perhaps that's also Johns and Lee throwing down the gauntlet, saying they're going to make this team of top heroes work.

More power to them!

Grade: B+


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