Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hulk Smash Avengers #3 (of 5)

First of all, let me say: holy cow, what a great cover by Lee Weeks and Andy Troy!

But the caveat is, the art inside Hulk Smash the Avengers can't live up to that cover. It feels like penciler Karl Moline and inker Jay Leisten were trying to evoke an '80s vibe for this "flashback" adventure - but it never quite works, the art seems splotchy and the page layouts don't quite gel.

What the comic does have in abundance is heart, and that's thanks to the fine writing by Roger Stern, a writer who turned in excellent work in years past on both the Hulk and the Avengers. (Once again I ask, how is it that he's not writing a regular title for someone?)

He manages to introduce the main players, gives everyone bits of business, covers the history of the Avengers up to this point in time, and throws the Hulk into the mix for some unexpected carnage.

He also provides a couple of surprising observers who will bring a knowing smile to the face of many long-time fans.

So, a nice dose of nostalgia, a "done in one" issue, and a fantastic cover.

Not bad at all.

Grade: B+


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