Monday, May 21, 2012

Daredevil #13

Mark Waid has quietly made Daredevil into one of the best comics on the stands.

And that's because the focus is on the very clever story, as Daredevil finds himself at the heart of a gang war like no other.

The McGuffin at the heart of the matter is - of all things - the number "4" from a Fantastic Four costume. Because of its unstable molecule construction, it's a perfect hard drive - and it contains information on five crime syndicates, including Hydra, Advanced Idea Mechanics, Black Spectre, Secret Empire and Agence Byzantine.

Our hero has been able to survive this overwhelming opposition by pitting each group against the other - but that all falls apart in this issue, as all five groups attack Daredevil.

I've said before how much I enjoy reading stories that star smart characters - and that's exactly what you get here.

The artwork is by Khoi Pham, with inks by the great Tom Palmer, and while it's a little uneven in places, there are some wild action scenes along the way.

Daredevil can't be an easy character to write - he's essentially a normal man with a few extraordinary abilities - but Waid has crafted a funny, intelligent hero here, and it's great fun to follow along.


Grade: A-


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