Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Swamp Thing #8

Well, it took seven issues to get around to it, but finally the character whose name is in the title made an appearance in Swamp Thing.

But if you're a fan of horror, then it was well worth the wait. A battle has been brewing between The Rot and The Green, and the champions of each are in place.

One one side we have the newly transformed (again, sorta) Alec Holland, who has again become the champion of The Green. At stake in the battle is every living thing on Earth - and Abigail Arcane, the Swamp Thing's true love.

It's a grim and driving story by writer Scott Snyder, well served by the amazing art of Yanick Paquette. His style is so detailed, so dense with activity, you wonder how he can possible keep to a monthly schedule.

But thank goodness he does! The art is unsettling in places, but his landscapes and his version of the Swamp Thing are stunning.

Definitely not a comic for kids, but a welcome return of quality and terror to an old favorite.

Grade: A-


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