Monday, April 9, 2012

Secret Avengers #24

I realize that I was spoiled by Warren Ellis' recent run on this series, but so far I can't say I care much for the new take on the Secret Avengers.

The news isn't all bad - I like the cast fine, and it's great to see characters like the original Human Torch and Captain Britain in action.

The problem is, each of the heroes seems to have no sense, no ability to get along with each other, and none of them seem particularly likeable.

They're invading a mysterious city that seems to be home to a variety of artificial life forms - robots, androids, LMDs, cyborgs - all gathered by a mastermind who looks for all the world like General Immortus, the old enemy of the Doom Patrol (I'm assuming it's not actually him).

Upon arriving, Captain Britain's armor stops working, leaving him helpless, under attack - and then he flies away as though nothing is wrong. The artificial creatures worship the Human Torch - and then he flies away. The Beast suffers the exact same injury he suffered in this week's issue of Wolverine and the X-Men.

Basically, there's a lot of fighting and smashing and by the end of the issue, nothing has changed and we don't know much (if any) more than we did at the beginning.

The issue just seems to be trying too hard to keep us in the dark, and as a result it's difficult to care too much about the whole thing. Hopefully the next issue (out this week) will clear things up as we careen toward the whole Avengers vs. X-Men thing.

Grade: B-


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