Monday, April 2, 2012

The Mighty Thor #12

Marvel's heroes were roughed up quite a bit during the Fear Itself event, but none of them had a tougher time than The Mighty Thor, who was (for all intents and purposes) wiped from existence.

Luckily, he got better.

This issue, written by Matt Fraction, finally resolves the conflict over Tanarus, who had somehow replaced Thor in everyone's memory, wraps up a small war at Asgardia (which has finally been rebuilt after its destruction in Dark Seige), introduces some new characters and generally lets Thor cut loose.

The art is by Giuseppe Camuncoli with inking by Klaus Janson, and the artwork often seems to be channeling Walt Simonson (which is a very good look for this series, needless to say).

For all that, it's not really a great issue - all the plot threads are tied up a bit too quickly and easily, and we never really get a good explanation for the whole Tanarus thing.

But, it's loaded with action, a good gag by Volstagg, and it's great to see Thor back in time for his next movie appearance - so it's hard to complain.

Grade: B


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