Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Daredevil #10

If they gave out an award for "Most Improved" comic, Daredevil would have to be the runaway winner.

The relaunched version with writer Mark Waid and artists Paolo and Joe Rivera has recrafted the series into a pure, delightful example of a superhero comic - even when it ventures into the field of horror.

And that's where we find our Man Without Fear - trapped in the underground world of the Mole Man, a hideous creature who has used his Moloid army to steal caskets from a cemetery - among them, the one belonging to Matt Murdock's father.

Daredevil faces a tall challenge - how to stop a wiley and powerful opponent who has an army, monsters and more than a few traps. And lest you think that Mole Man is a pushover, keep in mind that he's fought the Fantastic Four many times and lived to tell the tale.

Even given the grim nature of the story, Waid manages to infuse some much-needed humor - and let me just say again how glad I am to have the "real" Daredevil back, instead of the grim, humorless imposter who's been hanging out in the pages (before Waid).

With great stories (with subplots and compelling supporting characters, no less) and lush, wonderful art, this is a comic that's not to be missed.

Grade: A-


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