Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lord of the Jungle #2

Hey, it's Guest Review time!

Our man Glen Davis checks in with this review of the comic that dares not speak its name (on the cover, anyway). Here's Glen:

Lord Of The Jungle #2 is a bit of an odd duck.

After the rather decompressed origin tale, where we left off with Kala adopting Tarzan after finding him in the marooned Greystoke's cabin, the second issue switches gears, opening with the mutinous crew betraying each other over the treasure.

The writers chooses to skip over several major episodes in the novel, including how Tarzan learned to read and write, learned to swim, found and used his knife, and his first encounters with humans.

We next see Tarzan as a grown man, as the crew leaves Jane Porter and her maid, Esmeralda, her father, Archimedes Porter, and Tarzan's cousin Cecil Clayton.

For those interested in such things, we get a blonde Jane this time.

When the crew leaves, we get pages of Jungle Action, as Tarzan and Cecil fight a crocodile, while Jane and Esmeralda are attacked by a pair of black panthers.

This should have been the first issue, if the team was always going to skip Tarzan's childhood, and as a first issue it's fairly good, but the wrenching of pace and events serves to disorient a reader.

Grade: B+


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