Monday, March 5, 2012

FF #15

You definitely get the feeling that this title - since the "return" of the original Fantastic Four title - should be called FF Jr.

But I don't mean that as a put-down. Instead, it reflects the fact that for the past few issues, this comic has focused largely on the young people who make up the "Future Foundation," including Val and Franklin, the children of Reed and Sue Richards.

But it's definitely not a book for kids, as the capable young people are working their part of the huge story that's been playing out in the Fantastic Four's comic - both stories run parallel to each other, but rarely cross paths.

It's a virtuoso performance by writer Jonathan Hickman to keep both plates spinning, both stories arresting, without running into the usual glitches.

He adds to the fun this issue with a guest appearance by Power Pack, a sadly under-utilized super-team made up of kids. It's wonderful to see them again, and they have some fun bits of business along the way.

I like the artwork by Nick Dragotta - he has a clean, classic style, and he manages to keep things moving despite the hordes of characters involved in this story.

I don't know if this title is crucial to following the main story in the other "FF," but it's very good all by itself.

The story is building to a big finish (which you'd expect, since it includes a group of Celestials), and I'm anxious to see where it all goes next.

Grade: B+


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