Friday, December 2, 2011

Uncharted #1

I should confess up front that I'm a huge fan of the Uncharted video games (at least the second and third ones - I haven't played the first one).

It centers around the modern day Indiana Jones-ish adventures of Nathan Drake, an explorer who sets out to uncover long-hidden secrets and treasures, and finds himself fighting for his life in cliffhanger-worthy situations (fighting to escape a sinking ocean liner, trapped in a burning castle, battling monsters in the Himalayas - that sort of thing).

So it seems like a reasonable leap to go from videogames to the comics, and this first issue does a fair job of keeping the feel of the game.

Here we have Nathan recovering some artifacts, including the diary of an explorer that may just lead to a vast treasure. But first he'll have to make his way past an army of guards and sneak into an ancient castle.

Written by Joshua Williamson, the first issue spends almost all its time setting up the mystery and the treasure, so there's not much space for the usual over-the-top action sequences (though we get teasers of such things coming up).

The art by Sergio Sandoval and Pol Gas is solid - it captures the look of the characters and some of the design elements of the game, though it's (obviously) a differet style from the game's CGI.

So, a reasonable start, but it'll take another issue or two to see if they've really captured the humor and action of the game.

Since I just finished the third game, this will have to take up the slack. Here's hoping that it lives up to the promise!

Grade: B+


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