Thursday, November 10, 2011

Point One #1

So Point One is (I assume) intended to be a teaser for Marvel's upcoming season of stories, mini-series and special events.

And if that's the case, I have to admit that my overall reaction is: I'm not impressed.

Which is not to say that it's all terrible. It's just a mix of ideas that are interesting with others that... are not.

There are seven story snippets on display here (and I'm not sure if these are excerpts from upcoming comics or original tales designed to stand on their own. My guess is the former).

On the "interesting" side, we have: a short sequence about a mysterious duo who manage to invade the Watcher's home on the moon; a preview of a new Nova story that sets up a major menace; a new and enticing take on the mystical Dr. Strange; and the Avengers facing the "Age of Ultron."

On the "not so interesting" side we have the futuristic X-Terminators and the return of the Scarlet Spider.

Riding somewhere in the middle are the powerful twins known as either Yin & Yang or Coldmoon & Dragonfire. It shows potential, but it's hard to judge from this snippet.

So the real question is: does this make me want to buy any of these comics?

I'll probably pick up the Dr. Strange and Avengers comics, but the rest of them, probably not.

I really can't recommend this issue - there are some high points (Bryan Hitch's art on the Avengers segment, Matt Fraction's writing on Dr. Strange, Ed McGuinness' art on Nova), but not enough here to make it worth the inflated price and page count.

Grade: B-


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