Friday, November 11, 2011

The New Avengers #18

I'm thinking I may have to take a hiatus from reviewing issues of the New Avengers for a while.

That's because the storyline that's going to be running through the coming year does nothing for me.

The mastermind behind the Dark Reign, Norman Osborn (the Green Goblin), has escaped prison and is assembling an evil army to take on the good guys.

Exactly like he did during the Dark Avengers saga a couple of years ago, he's building his own team of Avengers, using similarly-powered villains (or dupes he has conned into joining his cause) to create his own team.

And apparently Norman has a hidden power - he can talk anyone into joining his army, no matter what they may have been doing before.

The only thing fresh about the story is the artwork, as Mike Deodato and color artist Rain Beredo pour an inhuman amount of work creating the nearly photographic look and feel of the comic.

Certainly it's rare for writer Brian Bendis to let us down, but this issue - aside from not containing a single Avenger - just feels like it's going back to that same old well, even if most of the cast is new to this comic.

I can't recommend this one.

Grade: C+


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