Friday, October 28, 2011

Aquaman #2

If you read my review of the first issue of Aquaman, I could save both of us a lot of time by just saying, "More of the same here."

But that sounds a little too laid-back for what is, after all, one of the better of the "New 52" comics.

We start with the menace this time around, as a fishing boat is attacked by a strange race of (for lack of a better term) man-like pirana that have arisen from the bottom of an ocean trench.

They're hunting for food and (apparently) slaughtering every living creature they meet.

Which brings us to Aquaman, who's enjoying some quiet time with his stunning wife Mera. Their discussion is interrupted when a policeman arrives to ask for their help in an investigation over the attack on the boat - and that puts Aquaman into the heart of the action.

Ther's a lot to like here. The artwork by Ivan Reis is very good, with horrific monsters, powerful heroes, beautiful women, great action sequences and great attention to detail.

I like Geoff Johns' story - it makes Aquaman a bit easier to relate to and sets up a great conflict for the opening story arc.

I'm glad they toned down the graphic violence a bit here, although there's still plenty on display.

My only criticism has to do with the story itself, which is spooling out very slowly.

Next time around, let's home more is better.

- Grade: B+


Dwayne said...

I'll temper your criticism of the story spooling out too slowly with the reason it's slow is because the creators are trying to give us some new backstory on Aquaman. Some much needed new backstory. I'm finding these changes very fascinating.

Chuck said...

Dwayne, I agree, since this is in many ways a "new" character (using a familiar name and powers), they have a lot of ground to cover and backstory to establish. I don't really mind the slow pace - it's the norm in comics these days.