Thursday, September 29, 2011

Aquaman #1

If one of the goals of this series is to make Aquaman a more respected hero, it's off to a pretty good start.

The story by Geoff Johns gives the hero more character than we've seen in far too long.

Here he helps the police stop some bank robbers with some impressive feats of strength, demonstrating his speed, skill and near-invulnerability (think Namor).

He stops in a restaurant for a meal where he gets to clear up some questions about his powers - and he gets to show that he's a good person, too (a very nice touch).

The artwork by Ivan Reis is outstanding, of course, with some amazing action sequences and some delightful real-world characters, too.

The comic sets up the first major menace for Aquaman to face - an invasion from deep below the ocean - and in keeping with the "New 52," there's a bit of gore thrown in at the end of the story.

Despite that, I enjoyed this comic and am glad to see Aquaman back in rare form. He's had a sporadic run in comics, with strong creators taking a turn (Nick Cardy and Jim Aparo being two of the best artists) and then the book falling into lesser hands.

Hopefully, this team will hang around for a good long run. It's off to a great start!

Grade: A


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