Monday, September 26, 2011

Supergirl #1

Supergirl gets the "clean reboot" treatment in the "New 52" as this story starts with her arrival on Earth.

But the story by Michael Green and Mike Johnson takes a different path from past versions of the story, as the title character arrives in a meteor shower and emerges from her spacecraft dazed, confused and in a distant country.

The story that follows is pretty slim - there's a lot of action and very little illumination about her past (other than the fact that she is from Krypton), and she spends most of the issue fighting for her life.

I enjoy the battle sequences, but it would have been nice to have a bit more story and / or character development in there.

I like the art a lot. I'm not familiar with Mahmud Asrar, but he turns in some powerful work here, with great characters, excellent layouts and strong action sequences.

My only complaint (it's more of a question) has to do with Supergirl's costume. They're back to the "swimsuit with long sleeves and a cape" look, which is fine (no more bare midriffs or flying while wearing a tiny skirt, which always seemed impractical) - but the odd part of the design has to do with the diamond-esque "Superman logo" shield that is placed (without the logo) over her crotch.

Maybe it's just me, but it looks like she's wearing a diaper. It looks fine on the cover - like it's part of the design, like Superman's red trunks - but inside the issue it seems to be a separate component of the costume. Anyway, a minor complaint, to be sure.

I'm interested enough in the story to be back next issue, but here's hoping for a little less destruction and more explaining.

Grade: B+


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Eyz said...

Looks like a fun simple enough book^^
Though why leaving that red-diamond shaped thing for Supergirl which reminds Superman's red trunks yet take it off Superman's current design??..