Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Invincible Iron Man #508

I've been enjoying Matt Fraction's run as a writer on Invincible Iron Man, and the artwork by Salvador Larroca has been excellent (and continues that run here), but I think the team stumbled a bit with this issue.

The story here ties in directly to the (quite good) Fear Itself event, but the entire issue just ends up being a stalling tactic.

The story has Tony Stark in Asgard (of all places), having talked Odin into allowing him to create some special weapons to help the Avengers fight back against the evil-hammer-empowered beings known as The Worthy.

But first there's an odd side-trip to show Tony's battle with some kind of weird Golem created by an ally of The Serpent. It's visually interesting, a bit confusing and ends up having no real impact except to delay the story long enough to get us to the final pages of the latest chapter of Fear Itself.

Iron Man usually doesn't work well in the realm of the supernatural, and this story is no exception. I'm looking forward to the wrapup of the event, but this issue could have been skipped - you wouldn't have missed a thing.

(That's not exactly true - Pepper Potts is in grave danger as she faces the amped-up Grey Gargoyle - but even that feels like a delaying action.)

My advice: wait 'til the tie-in is over, then run back to this series.

Grade: C+


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