Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Comics - and a New DC

OK, here's the deal - your pal Chuck isn't going to be able to read and review all the new #1's from DC (although I'll get six of them this week, just for fun).

So here's an open invitation to send in your comments - as long or short as you like - about the new DC issues. I'll post your comments here, and we'll try to spot the keepers and avoid the stinkers (if any on either count).

You can either send in a comment at the bottom of this or any upcoming post, or email your comments to me at

So with all that said, here's what I picked up this week:

- Action Comics #1 - For the first time in 74 years, you can pick up an Action #1! (I rolled up my copy and stuck it in my back pocket, just for laughs.)

- New Avengers Annual #1 - Wonder Man needs some anger management.

- Batgirl #1 - Apparently Barbara got better.

- Detective Comics #1 - Batman vs. the Joker. What, again?

- Irredeemable #29 - Lots of twists and turns.

- Justice League International #1 - Far less humor content this time around.

- Kirby Genesis #3 - A meeting of the monsters!

- Morning Glories #12 - Things are certainly picking up speed.

- Mystic #2 - Two friends moving in two different directions.

- OMAC #1 - As a friend said, it's very Kirby-ish.

- Static Shock #2 - It's about time!

- Swamp Thing #1
- It's about time times two!

And that's it!


Anonymous said...

I have a friend who, when he occasionally walked into a comic
book store to buy a new issue,
would roll it up and stick it in
his back pocket...the comic store
owner would never fail to freak
out at his demonstration!

Sam Kujava

Chuck said...

Ha! A fan after my own heart!

A friend who was a big fan was once showing off some of his oldest comics to a pretty girl - while reading it, she calmly folded the comic back on itself, causing my friend to have a near-stroke. Made me laugh, though.