Thursday, September 8, 2011

Action Comics #1

So this is the week the "New DC" hits with full force, sending out 13 new #1 issues.

Leading the pack has to be Action Comics #1, offering a fresh new start for Superman - which just happens to mirror the original start for the hero back in 1938.

Written by Grant Morrison, this issue takes us back to a point in time just after Superman has first started making himself known in Metropolis. But he's not an idolized hero - at least not by the law enforcement community.

Instead, he's the hero to the little guy, as he confronts the big, powerful and corrupt - and his tactics are anything but subtle.

The issue is being promoted as showing that the new Superman has "an attitude" - he's not a Boy Scout anymore. In fact, he borders on being a bully - sort of a "Punisher-lite." But he does fight for the weak and defenseless, so we can forgive him if he's a bit rough in his methods.

Lots of things about the character are different (I won't give them all away, obviously), but the one that jumps out is his "costume," which is made up of a short cape, a t-shirt, jeans and work boots. Not what we might expect, but it'll be interesting to see where his "real" costume comes from.

The art is terrific - I've never understood why Rags Morales, who has such a fresh, energetic and original style, hasn't been a bigger fan favorite over the years. Perhaps this title will open people's eyes. He does great work here, with pages of incredible power and scope.

Morrison did such great work with the Man of Steel in the All-Star Superman series, I was hoping he'd continue that level of greatness on this series - and this comic leaves me optimistic.

So far, just two issues into the New DC, I have to say that this is far and away the best comic so far.

It's a fresh approach to a classic character, it's interesting and it leaves lots of leeway for future stories. The sky's the limit!

Highly recommended!

Grade: A-



Peter Wallace said...

This reminded me of the very early Supes strips when he fought for the poor and oppressed. I loved that version. But as you say this guy has a bit of a dark streak to him. We'll see...

Chuck said...

Pete, yeah, I love the nod to the original version of Superman - but it'll be a tough line to walk. It wouldn't take much to make Superman into a bully, since he's the biggest, strongest guy around.

I think it was Roger Stern who, when asked what he'd do if he were Superman, said he'd call a press conference and say, "As your new Emperor..."

Eyz said...

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, she's he's proven in the past he could perfectly handle Supes, but this really looked more like "What if.. Batman was Superman" than anything else!