Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ultimate Fallout #6 (of 6)

So I'm assuming the discussion at Marvel went something like this:

"After we kill the Ultimate version of Spider-Man, we'll restart the series with a new issue #1!"

"Great, but there must be some way to squeeze a few more dollars out of this."

"Hey, we should do a mini-series that ties up all the loose ends left behind by the death of Spider-Man. We'll use top artists, writer Brian Bendis, make it a weekly so we can get to the new title and charge top dollar!"

"Terrific idea! But make sure all the events are teasers for the upcoming issues so we don't actually resolve anything."

"Yeah, and make sure you never actually show Peter Parker's body in case we have to bring him back from the dead faster than we'd planned."

"And let's be sure to put in a few emo scenes for Nick Fury - he's been too macho lately, we need to make him more likeable."

"Great! So the series will be an ad for the new Ultimate titles, not resolve anything, and cost the fans $24!"

"Exactly! Now, we haven't quite managed to kill off the Ultimate titles yet, so let's start planning the next mini-series..."

Grade: C-


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