Monday, August 22, 2011

Captain America #2

One of the tricky things about Captain America's ties to World War II is that it's more difficult with each passing year to reach back to his old foes, since they would all be reaching an advanced age by now.

But that's no obstacle to a clever writer like Ed Brubaker, who manages to link a modern adventure to Cap's experiences in WWII, keeping it all fresh and exciting.

He manages that by creating new characters, including Jimmy Jupiter, a clever "real world" approximation for a certain comic strip kid named Nemo.

It's a smart bit of business that explains why one of Cap's former allies - or would competitor be a better word? - is still young, vital and a good match for the super-soldier.

Steve McNiven is doing exceptional artwork here, working with inkers Jay Leisten and Dexter Vines, and colorist Justin Ponsor. The sequence where Cap leads an attack on a Hydra base is pure poetry.

So, great story, mysteries being revealed, strong action scenes, terrific art - all I can say is: you really should be reading this one.

Grade: A


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