Saturday, August 13, 2011

The New Avengers #15

Believe it or not, this issue of The New Avengers stars Squirrel Girl.

Largely a joke since her first appearance (despite carrying the pedigree of being created by comics legend Steve Ditko and Will Murray), the running gag is that she's actually a formidable opponent, having defeated villains like Dr. Doom and Thanos. Honest.

She's not actually a member of the Avengers, but she has been hired to be the nanny (and protector) of the infant daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.

Here we learn a bit more about her background and her abilities as she spars with Wolverine and finds herself in the middle of a major battle in New York.

The art by Mike Deodato is impressive as always - fluid and frenetic, with a Neal Adams-like hyper-realism, and despite the down-to-Earth nature of the heroine, Deodato gets to tackle some big action sequences.

So this issue isn't for everyone - not many readers are that invested in Squirrel Girl, after all - but reading this issue might change their minds. A bit silly, but lots of fun.

Grade: B+


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Kyle said...

Ha! I remember Squirrel Girl from Slott's Great Lakes Avengers, pretty funny... I remember a quote something like "She totally defeated Doctor Doom, and that's canon cause it was written by Steve Ditko... Yo!. Pretty funny series, had a definite League of Substitute Heroes vibe.