Friday, August 12, 2011

Hellboy: The Fury #3 (of 3)

Hellboy: The Fury is the kind of comic that makes my job a real challenge.

That's because of my "No Spoilers" policy - I do my best not to give away anything that happens in a comic that might spoil your reading experience. (You know, like Marvel does when they give the news media a copy of the panel where Ultimate Spider-Man unmasks two days before the comic is released. Not that I'm bitter.)

This series, and several connected mini-series before it, all written by Mike Mignola, have been building to a big confrontation, and in this issue it happens. In spades.

Hellboy takes part in the most brutal fight of his career - and the events that spill out of it are frankly shocking and unexpected.

But I can't tell you about them, because that would ruin the story. So all I can say is, you really should be buying this comic. It tells a powerful story of horror and adventure with serious consequences.

The art is outstanding as well. Duncan Fegredo isn't Mignola, but he works in the same neighborhood, with a similar style and a great affinity for horror and brutal action scenes.

I can't talk any more about it - I'll give something away! Go read it now!

Grade: A


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