Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ultimate Fallout #1 (of 6)

Despite the Ultimate Fallout title, this is actually the next issue of Ultimate Spider-Man.

It picks up where that series left off, with Peter Parker (apparently) dead, and his secret identity no longer a secret.

This issue checks in with the entire supporting cast as they cope with the (apparent) loss of their loved one.

I keep saying (apparent) because nowhere in this issue do we see the body - and in comics, they ain't dead until you see the body, and even that usually isn't proof.

But I have to admit, they do seem to be sticking to their guns here. Certainly the grief expressed (each character in his or her own way) is genuine and touching.

Writer Brian Bendis is again teamed with his longtime co-creator on Ultimate Spidey, artist Mark Bagley - and the focus here is entirely on the raw emotions of the characters, from anger to insight to recriminations and great sadness.

It's fine work by all involved (though it tries a bit too hard to wring a few tears out of you), and it'll be interesting to see how they wrap this up and bring us a new Spider-Man.

Assuming that's the plan, of course.

Grade: A-


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