Monday, July 18, 2011

Lady Mechanika #2

This is a title that requires patience.

It's been seven months since the first issue of this series appeared, and while there's no denying the quality of the art, that's a long wait between issues.

The steampunk story follows the adventures of Lady Mechanika, an adventuress with a mysterious past - one she's trying desperately to sort out.

The story is written and drawn by Joe Benitez, and the art is fantastic. It's loaded with amazing machines, dark environments and unusual characters, but the real star is the Lady - a stunning beauty with compelling red eyes and an amazing and ever-changing wardrobe.

As a writer, Benitez needs more work - this story is very wordy and the characters spend too much time standing around and talking, instead of actually doing. The major action scene is one of those silly movie sequences where the bad guys have guns drawn and pointed at the protagonist, who still manages to draw a gun and return fire without being perforated. Still, it's all in good fun.

The story is also spooling out slowly - we don't really learn much about Mechanika's history here. That's not a problem with a monthly comic, but for a "seven-monthly" comic, it might be a good idea to streamline (steamline?) things a bit.

Grade: B+


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