Friday, July 1, 2011

Flashpoint: Project Superman #1 (of 3)

One of the burning questions that has arisen out of the ashes of Flashpoint has been - where is the Man of Steel?

The answer is presumably going to arrive in the pages of Project Superman - but we just get a few hints in this issue.

That's because the issue actually takes us 30 years into the past, where the U.S. military (apparently) is trying to create its own Superman - and achieves some success.

But the story shows us the downside of having those powers, and the kind of effect they can have even on a good man.

What is unexplained is how any of this is related to the Flashpoint event, and how the Reverse Flash might have been able to cause these events - especially the cosmic catastrophe that closes this first chapter.

It's a solid enough comic, though until those final pages it feels distant from the rest of the Flashpoint series. Writers Scott Snyder and Lowell Francis have two more issues to bring it all together.

The art by Gene Ha is quite good, with quite a few stunning images. He comes up with some original ways to visualize certain super-powers.

It's a well-crafted issue, but I seem to be feeling a bit of "alternate reality overload" with the Flashpoint spinoff books. If the goal of the extended event is to be depressing, then so far, it's succeeding.

Grade: B+


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