Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ultimate X #5

I should say right up front that I really enjoyed the first story arc in Ultimate X (though I'm not sure if this is the final issue or if it's the last issue for creators Jeph Loeb and Art Adams or if they just tacked a "thanks" on the last page for the fun of it).

That said, it's a series that has tried our patience. It took just over 16 months to turn out five issues - but with artist Art Adams, you don't expect blazing speed - just incredible art.

He's provided that in spades - I mean, just look at that cover! The interiors are just as dynamic, loaded with life and energy and action galore.

Approaching this series I was most concerned about the writing of Loeb, who's been very erratic of late - but I think this was one of his better efforts. He's put together a series loaded with interesting characters, a different premise and quite a few surprising turns.

For those who came in late, Ultimate X tells the story of Jean Grey's attempts to rescue errant mutants and protect them from the government's attempts to track them down - and from evil mutants, as well.

This story is a bit of redemption for Loeb after the revolting Ultimatum series, about which the less said the better. This series (and Ultimate Spider-Man) have thrived despite that mini-series, not because of it.

So will this series continue or will it roll over into Ultimate X-Men? There are a number of potential stories set up here, so hopefully it will continue somewhere.

And as always, I'll keep watching for whatever project Adams tackles next. He's an artist worth waiting for!

Grade: A-


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