Sunday, May 22, 2011

Booster Gold #44

It's interesting that the Flashpoint event is changing the face of the DC Universe, giving virtually ever character a makeover - except for Booster Gold.

You can read his backstory here - but the short version is that he's a hero armed with equipment from the far future (a flight ring, a force field, blasters and a mini-computer named Skeets).

He came to our present to become a hero, but now he's a time-traveling hero - one who never gets credit no matter how many times he saves the world.

This comic ties directly into Flashpoint, as the world changes suddenly - yet for mysterious reasons, Booster hasn't changed a bit.

Trapped in a world he never made (sorry, I always wanted to type that. And aren't we all trapped in worlds like that? Just wondering)... where was I? Oh, right - Booster is attacked because no one knows him.

I know that decompressed stories are all the rage, and I suppose they can't give too much away in the first issue in this series, since the main thrust of the story will be in the Flashpoint series - but nothing much happens in this issue!

Booster is attacked, then attacked again, then again... you get the idea. There's a nice jolt at the end, but the story never moves forward from that first flash.

Thankfully, it features the fine art of Dan Jurgens, an outstanding craftsman who knows how to blend words and drawings seamlessly.

I don't intend to buy all the Flashpoint tie-in comics, but I'm making an exception with Booster - he and Barry (The Flash) Allen seem to be the only ones who know about the "real" version of the DC Universe, and it should be interesting to see where they go with that knowledge.

Grade: B


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