Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Uncanny X-Force #8

While grim and gritty superhero comics have largely faded in popularity, here's a title that bucks the trend by being one of the darkest books around.

It doesn't hurt that the Uncanny X-Force team is made up of characters who are either killers, psychos or killer psychos.

I didn't really think I'd like this comic, since I'm among the many who have burned out on grim comics - but this title is well worth tracking down because it knows how to handle its relentlessly downbeat attitude.

Writer Rick Remender does that by providing intelligent, hard-hitting stories loaded with bad guys who deserve the worst our "heroes" can dish out. The stories are clever, the plot twists are well planned and there's quite a bit of humor to balance things out.

This issue focuses on Psylocke, a character who's been through the mill over the decades. Here she meets up with an old, powerful enemy who manages to turn her team against her.

The art by Billy Tan is tremendous - dark, brooding, with strong layouts and some powerful sequences. Kudos also to the color art by Dean White - it's a subdued color scheme, but very impressive.

This book really isn't for all readers - the story is following some dark, twisted paths, and we're never quite sure why some characters are involved with this team - but it's a series loaded with surprises as it explores the dark underbelly of the Marvel Universe.


Grade: A-


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