Monday, April 25, 2011

Sigil #2

I reviewed the first issue of this series in this post, and the temptation this time around is just to say, "Ditto."

That's because almost nothing happens in this issue of Sigil that would surprise anyone who read the first issue.

We continue to follow teenager Samantha Ray who has mysterious powers thanks to a mysterious symbol on her chest. She finds herself mysteriously transported back in time and onto a pirate ship where a powerful enemy is attacking.

You get the idea.

It's not a bad issue at all, but it's doling out the information at a snail's pace.

Since I didn't read the original series, I have no idea why this pirate ship is important, what the nature of the powers being thrown around might be, and how Samantha figures into all this.

The upshot is that it's all a jumble and that makes it difficult for the reader to understand what's going on.

There's nothing wrong with the art - Leonard Kirk and Patrick Olliffe provide strong layouts and clear storytelling. Their characters are distinctive and the action scenes pop.

I trust that the next couple of issues will clear up my confusion, but after a promising first issue, this series - for me - stumbled badly with this chapter.

Grade: C+


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