Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fear Itself Prologue: Book of the Skull #1 (One-Shot)

Fear Itself is the next mega-event from Marvel Comics, and so far - I like it!

This prologue has one foot set in modern times and another back in the days of World War II as the Red Skull hatches yet another plan that won't see fruition for 70 years.

That was something of a specialty of the Skull's, like his robotic Sleepers... but I digress.

Here the Skull attempts to use mystic powers to conjure up a weapon to help the Nazis win the war - but three of the Invaders show up to spoil his plans.

It's great to see Captain America, Bucky and the Sub-Mariner in action (heck, it's even fun to see the Red Skull being his old menacing self), and this issue is loaded with wild battle sequences.

The art is also terrific, as Scot Eaton and Mark Morales tell a powerful story of evil unleashed. The pages just drip with foreboding.

So it's a good start, although we don't really get much information about what the upcoming storyline will be about.

But I'm all for any excuse that gets the Invaders back in action.

Grade: A-


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