Friday, March 18, 2011

Avengers Academy #11

I've talked before about my general dislike for omnipotent characters - but in this issue of Avengers Academy, writer Christos Gage manages to use one such figure well.

The god-like figure in question is Korvac, a man from the future who once defeated the entire roster of The Avengers - but he seemingly died at the end of that original story.

You can't let a little thing like that stop you in today's comics! When one of the members of the Academy accidentally materializes a mystery woman, Korvac quickly follows - which leads to an all-out battle.

But even as the story rolls along and the stakes rise, the story moves in an unexpected direction - and the members of the Academy learn some valuable lessons.

The art is by new series regular Tom Raney (with Scott Hanna on inks), and it's a strong effort all around, especially considering it's one of those "everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink" kind of stories. The issue is loaded with action scenes, and with very minor exceptions, the art is powerful throughout.

After a few recent missteps this series is back on track and lots of fun to read. Recommended!

Grade: A-


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