Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ultimate Spider-Man #152

I don't like it when smart characters are made to do dumb things.

In this issue, (Ultimate) Iron Man is ready to give Peter Parker his first lesson in being a super-hero - so he shows up at Aunt May's house asking for her nephew.

It's hard to believe that someone as smart as Tony Stark wouldn't know that Spider-Man had a secret identity - or that he would be endangering Peter's loved ones with his appearance.

It's played mostly for laughs - but it fell flat for me (which is unusual for writer Brian Bendis - usually his gags are on the money).

The whole issue is loaded with short scenes designed to clear up loose ends and set up the next storyline - because of that, there's almost no actual Spider-Man content in this comic.

We see lots of Peter Parker, as he and Gwen Stacy have an overdue heart-to-heart. We see the Black Cat (and her impressive cleavage) as she steals a powerful artifact from another criminal. And that's about it.

The issue features two artists - Sara Pichelli and David Lafuente. Their styles are similar enough that the switch back and forth isn't too jarring (with Sara handling the Black Cat sequence and David everything else - I think). But their styles are loaded with energy and a sense of fun.

So, not a bad issue, but not a great one - we're spoiled by so many great comics in this series that an average issue like this one feels like a let-down. But I still say this is the best Spider-Man comic on the stands.

Grade: B


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