Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chaos War #5 (of 5)

This series spilled across 19 different comic books - of which I read seven (the Chaos War mini-series and two issues of The Incredible Hulks).

I'm glad to say that I apparently didn't miss too much, because I had no trouble following the story. But then, it's pretty basic: the Chaos King wants to destroy everything, and Hercules (who has become a super-god) gathers a "God Squad" of heroes to fight back.

Events unfold on a big canvas here as the battle takes place on a cosmic scale - and there are quite a few clever bits of business and plot twists to keep things crackling along.

As always, writers Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente do a great job tying up the loose ends (though some things are managed a bit too handily, considering the mess caused by the Chaos War), and one event in particular will delight some long-time fans.

The art by Khoi Pham is outstanding, although that aforementioned event could have been played for more impact. Still, there's a stunning double-page splash in there that takes cosmic to a whole new level.

Overall, a strong effort, and a great wrap-up to the Incredible Hercules series. And the next chapter looks like fun, too!

Grade: A-


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