Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Comic Book Day - In Theory

I'm on the road today, so I may not get back in time to post the list of what I bought today - so instead, let's look into the future.

Here's a list of what I plan to buy:

- Avengers: Prime #5 (of 5) - An outstanding series, I'm sorry to see it end.

- Brightest Day #17 - This one, on the other hand, has dragged quite a bit.

- Irredeemable #21 - It'll be interesting to see what happens when the Plutonian wakes up...

- Jonah Hex #63 - Always a heckuva good comic.

- John Byrne's Next Men #2 - So glad this is back again.

- Ozma of Oz #3 (of 8) - One of my top 10 comics from 2010.

- Thanos Imperative Devastation (One Shot) - Really enjoyed the mini-series.

- Ultimate Comics Captain America #1 - Giving it a shot.

And thats it! (Maybe.)

UPDATE: Well, I was close. The store didn't get its copies of Ozma of Oz, so that'll have to wait until next week. Bummer. Otherwise, my list was spot on.

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