Thursday, January 6, 2011

Avengers: Prime #5 (of 5)

I've really enjoyed Avengers: Prime, even though I consider it deeply flawed.

I like the idea behind it - to throw the "Big Three" Avengers together into one hoo-hah adventure, and show how they overcame past animosities and went back to being good friends.

The great thing about the book has been the artwork by Alan Davis. This issue in particular would have given most artists a stroke, since it involves more than one splash page featuring hundreds of creatures, all fighting for their lives. Davis makes it look effortless - his pages just crackle with energy.

I love his depiction of Thor, Captain America and Iron Man - each one iconic and heroic, but real characters just the same. I've never seen him do anything less than excellent work, and his art makes any issue an automatic purchase.

Brian Bendis' story mostly works, but there are a few problems that make it difficult to accept. The worst offense is Steve Rogers (apparently) falling in love with a beautiful Elf - this is the guy who's in love with Sharon Carter, right? Making him unfaithful does not make him a more interesting characrter.

Then there's the big bad of the series, Hela. Her appearance here does not fit well with her recent storyline in Thor's own comic (there they were allies - here, they're fighting to the finish). A little tweaking could have fixed this.

My other complaint is that the wrap-up to the series is a bit too pat, and happens too quickly.

Despite those quibbles (and I'll grant that these are things that won't bother about 95 percent of readers out there), this is an entertaining series and I'm sorry to see it end.

(That's what Marvel needs - another ongoing Avengers comic!)

Grade: A-

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