Saturday, December 18, 2010

Uncanny X-Force #3

I picked up the first issue in this series, liked it fine, but didn't pick up the second issue - I think I was suffering from "mutant overload."

But I was talking with my friend Clint the other day and he asked if I was reading the Uncanny X-Force. When I said no, he told me he was really enjoying it - and that it had revived his lagging interest in comic books.

So I figured I'd give it another shot - and I have to admit, it is a well-crafted comic.

The story by Rick Remender has the "Black Ops" branch of the X-Men journeying to the moon, where the (literally) newly-reborn Apocalypse is being tutored in the ways of evil.

But he's just a child, so the question is: does he have any choice about his fate? And are the members of X-Force justified in killing a child who may become a monster?

Wherever Apocalypse goes, his four horsemen are never far behind, and their origins are revealed here as they take on - and take down - the X-Force team.

It's an exciting, often grim conflict as the two teams square off, and there are lots of surprising twists and turns along the way.

The art by Jerome Opena and color art by Dean White is very impressive. It's dark, lush, intense and perfectly suited to the story.

I'm glad I listened to Clint and gave this series another shot. It would be easy for the creative team to make this just another grim and gritty title - but instead they've made it much more.

Instead of a super-hero comic, they've crafted something that's a lot closer to a war comic. It's different, it's dark, and it's a darned good read.

Grade: A-


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