Friday, December 17, 2010

Green Lantern #60

I've always been a fan of the team-ups between the Silver Age Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and The Flash (Barry Allen) - but this issue doesn't quite deliver that.

What we get instead is a version of the old Marvel schtick where the two heroes fight each other. (Should I admit that I love that bit? Always have.)

As always, there are extenuating circumstances. GL isn't really fighting The Flash - he's actually fighting the demon Parallax, who has possessed Barry's body.

That leads us into a fast-paced battle between the two, as Parallax tries to break Hal both physically and mentally.

It's all part of the ongoing battle between the Lanterns (so many colors!), and we finally get an answer about who the mysterious figure is who's capturing the entities - and we get some hints about what that individual has in mind.

Doug Mahnke continues to turn in some outstanding artwork, although this issue features four different inkers providing finishes, so that makes it a bit uneven - but still a cut above most art teams.

I'm glad to see some answers in this issue, and I hope this means we're moving toward a resolution to the whole multi-lantern storyline. It's been an interesting ride, but it definitely feels like it's been going on a bit too long - or that we at least need a bit of a break before moving on to the inevitable war.

Still, Green Lantern continues to be one of DC's best comics, bar none.

Grade: B+


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