Monday, November 29, 2010

Thor: The Mighty Avenger #6

It never fails - you find a new comic you really like, and it's snatched away by the old devil named "cancellation."

As I mentioned in this review, I arrived late to this comic - but am I glad I found it before it disappeared!

Marvel announced this week that it was canceling Thor: The Mighty Avenger with issue number 8 because of low sales, and that's not surprising.

Well, it's surprising because it's such a good comic, but it's not surprising considering that Marvel is flooding the market with Thor-related comics these days (you'd think there was a movie in the works). It's easy to see how this gem could get lost in the sea of product.

It's such a fresh take on the character, placing him in a reality separate from the usual Marvel digs. He's been banished from Asgard and forbidden to return - but he doesn't know why.

While that mystery plays out, he's become involved with Jane Foster, a museum curator and a much more developed character than the original version (forgive me, Stan). Their relationship is sweet.

But don't think the series is action-free. Thor gets plenty of chances to sling his hammer, and has a memorable confrontation in this issue with Heimdall, the guardian of the Rainbow Bridge. That character shows off some amazing (and previously unknown) skills here, and you have to like any fight that includes an appearance by Fin Fang Foom.

The writing by Roger Langridge is terrific, and Chris Samnee's art is original and refreshing. It's different, and it's not the usual blustering God of Thunder that some writers and artists have portrayed - but it's a clever take on the concept.

If you've missed the comics, and you're a fan of Thor, you can pick up the collections that are on the way. I'm a big fan of the original Thor comic, but I enjoyed this one a lot.

Chances are that you will, too.

Grade: A


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