Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fantastic Four #585

Death is certainly a familiar event in comic books, so it's difficult to be too concerned when you hear that the Fantastic Four comic is counting down to a casualty.

Certainly Jonathan Hickman is doing his best to put each member of the team in harm's way - and none more than Reed Richards, who has to confront an angry Galactus.

The Silver Surfer discovered Galactus' corpse (the body had been brought back in time from the distant future). The body was buried deep underground, and the world-eating bad guy wants some answers.

The Thing is pretty vulnerable, too, thanks to a potion that has temporarily returned him to his human form.

The Invisible Woman faces a different kind of danger far below the ocean as she tries to negotiate peace between a surly Prince Namor and an ancient race of Atlanteans that was recently brought to light.

Strangely, the Human Torch seems to avoid trouble this time around. (Which makes him the most likely suspect, right?)

The story is a real treat - it's complex, operating on a really big scale, and constantly throwing in unexpected events.

The artwork is excellent. Steve Epting handles the pencils and inks, with Paul Mounts providing color, and it's outstanding work. From big cosmic scenes to intimate moments with the extended family sitting in the living room, Epting always keeps it interesting.

So will they really kill off a member of Marvel's First Family? Anything seems to go with this creative team, so expect the unexpected.

And that's a very good thing indeed.

Grade: A-


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