Monday, November 1, 2010

Secret Avengers #6

This issue had me at "Shang-Chi."

As I've mentioned before, I've been a big fan of the Master of Kung Fu series since it began in 1973.

So I was happy to see this issue featuring that character as the Secret Avengers uncover a plot to bring Shang-Chi's evil father back to life.

For those who came in late, his father is Fu Manchu, the original model for villains from the Far East. Presumably Marvel no longer has the rights to the character, so here he is not referred to by name.

Writer Ed Brubaker seems to have a good handle on martial arts characters - he did a terrific job resurrecting Iron Fist, and he does a great job here. The character really "feels" like the original Shang-Chi - ferocious in battle, always in control, yet gentle by nature.

Artist Mike Deodato turns in his usual phenomenal work, with near-photo realism, frantic action scenes and amazing panoramas.

One issue into the five issue series, and already I like this story much more than the first arc. This one is more down to Earth (more James Bond than Star Wars), with a formidable opponent, mysteries to solve and lives hanging in the balance.

All this and Shang-Chi, too! What's not to like?

Grade: A-


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