Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thor #615

I approach the latest issue of Thor with lots of hope for the future and its new creative team - but it's tough to judge by this comic. It's really just the first step on the path to wherever the creative team is going.

I don't much care for the framing sequence where a scientist is explaining his theory that something bad is on the way - and we see signs that his prediction is correct. But that's a minor quibble - the character is there to provide exposition that sets up the conflict in the months ahead.

On the good side, we have the introduction of an unstoppable foe, and a glimpse into the beginning efforts to restore Asgard. And Thor has a few heart-to-heart conversations with assorted characters (including himself, sort of).

The best thing about the comic is the artwork by Pasqual Ferry, who provides some stunning images and a nice, ethereal look to the locations, from alien worlds to the ruins of Asgard.

I have to admit that I have never been crazy about some of the ideas introduced in this comic in recent years - running off Odin, placing Asgard on Earth - it all seemed like poorly thought-out snap decisions. Hopefully the new creative team will correct some of these poor choices and get this comic back on track.

The story has a lot of potential, and it's good to see a new and powerful menace being introduced. The jury is out on the story, and so far things are off to a (mostly) slow start, but there's a lot of promise on display.

I'll be sticking around.

Grade: B+


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