Friday, September 24, 2010

The Flash #5

I've really been enjoying the opening storyline for the new Flash comic, so I can forgive the two month span since the last issue.

But it's a shame, because the story has really been moving along nicely. On one side we have the Rogues, Flash's traditional enemies who delight in making his life difficult and dangerous.

On the other side we have the Renegades, a heroic version of the Rogues from the distant future. They've traveled to the present to arrest the Flash for murdering the future version of the Mirror Master - a mission that's complicated by the fact that the Flash hasn't actually committed the murder - yet.

In the meantime, the Rogues have unveiled a weapon left behind by the original (and now deceased) Mirror Master - and if it's utilized, the results could be devastating for our hero and his loved ones.

A bit wonky in its logic, but Geoff Johns is weaving a compelling story here with lots of twists and turns.

The art is by Francis Manapul, and I really like his style. It's fresh, original and charged with energy - a good match for this series.

My one quibble with the story is the brief (and almost nonsensical) intrusion of the Brightest Day storyline into events here, but it's over quickly and is relatively painless.

Hopefully the creative team can keep this title up to speed and on schedule - there's a lot of good here, and I'm certainly anxious to see where all this is going.

Grade: A-


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