Saturday, July 3, 2010

Justice League of America #46

The annual Justice League of America / Justice Society of America crossovers were always a favorite of mine during the early days of the JLA, and it's nice to see the tradition revived in the modern day (though it's not a once-a-year thing anymore).

This story's been building for a few issues now, and writer James Robinson brings it into focus with this issue.

The Starheart, an evil force that's the basis for the original Green Lantern's power, has attacked the Earth and is possessing assorted powerful heroes and villains, forcing the JLA and the JSA to split up into teams and try to keep the possessed from wreaking havoc.

The problem is, what we have here is just a series of brief battles, and at the end nothing much has been accomplished. The story just crashes along from one bombastic battle to another until we wrap up with the final shocking page. Hopefully it'll all start making sense soon.

Certainly artist Mark Bagley seems to be having a lot of fun, drawing an incredibly diverse number of heroes and villains, a task he seems to tackle with George Perez-like enthusiasm. His work here, as always, is outstanding.

Of course, we can't judge the series properly until we see more of it, and so far we've just seen a lot of action scenes. Hopefully we'll get some more story in the chapters ahead.

Grade: B

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