Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Flash #3

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

I probably should be reviewing Captain America today - but instead, let's focus on a comic that's been a favorite of mine almost since I first stared reading comic books (and before I even knew who Cap was) - The Flash.

I've mentioned before that I'm happy to have Barry (The Flash) Allen back in the title role, and this issue shows why - he's a sympathetic character (shown in his dedication to his work and his efforts to solve "cold cases"), his relationship with Iris is sweet, his real-world job is interesting (it's neat that the real world interest in C.S.I. has caught up with the Police Scientist), and he's very good at being a superhero. Best of all, he's a smart character who solves problems with his brain, not his fists - a welcome relief in comics today!

This time around he clashes again for the future version of the Rogues. This group is called the Renegades - they work for the law in the future and are determined to use their futuristic weapons to bring in the Flash, who's been charged with murder.

Also in the mix is the original Captain Boomerang, who's showing off some deadly new abilities and a determination to make his mark.

I like the artwork a lot. Artist Francis Manapul and colorist Brian Buccellato make a good team, and their style is unique. With strong, creative layouts, fluid figures and a lot of energy in their work, they make this comic a lot of fun and are a team to watch.

I also enjoyed the "Flash Facts" included in this issue - a good "in-joke" for longtime fans.

The creative team has managed to capture the feel of the original Silver Age version of this character (a serious compliment), while keeping the story modern and fresh - no simple task.

And I must say, it's great to see this comic back at the top of my reading list where it belongs!

Grade: A-

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