Monday, October 19, 2020

Superman #26

    It's the small details that get under the skin.

   I've really been enjoying Brian Michael Bendis' take on Superman - but the beginning of this issue shows one of his weaknesses. 

   The story opens with Superman fighting a  powerful alien in front of the Daily Planet - and in the fight we see his "civilian" clothes being burned off, revealing his costume beneath.

   But later in the issue, when he fights the alien he's already removed his civvies. 

   I'll admit that's a minor point, and the rest of the issue is very good.

   We get more about Superman's "regular" life now that he's revealed his secret identity, we see some unexpected ways in which Superman protects his friends (and the world in general), and we see what happens when he encounters a truly alien opponent.

   So, the issue isn't perfect - but it is a lot of fun.

Grade: A-



Mr. Brooks said...

The world knowing Superman and Kent are one will be retconned. Count on it. To paraphrase Stan Lee, "There are three super-heroes who secret ID's should never be exposed: Spider-Man, Superman, and Batman".

Just like Tony Stark telling the world he's Iron Man pretty much eliminates the character "Iron Man". He's just Stark in armor. Now Clark Kent is just an "A.K.A." for Superman.

Chuck said...

I agree - in fact, I suspect they thought it was all going to be rebooted (or just go away) when the "new" versions of DC's heroes were introduced. (Thankfully, they've apparently abandoned those plans.)

Mr. Brooks said...