Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Adler #3


   If you're mourning the ending of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, this series should help tide you over.

   Adler follows the exploits of Irene, the one woman capable enough to impress Sherlock Holmes, with the emphasis on action and adventure.

   The series is a "Who's Who" of famous females from history and fiction around the end of the 1800's (and a male or two), including the Amazon Queen Ayesha, scientist Madam Curie and - well, discovering is half the fun. 

   The story isn't quite as much a deep dive as LOEG, but it has lots of fun with the time period and keeps the story by Lavie Tidhar moving briskly.

   The art by Paul McCaffrey is excellent, with strong character designs and clean storytelling - and it's no easy task to bring the London of the past to life!

   I'm glad to see this series back on its post-COVID feet - it's off and running! Recommended!

Grade: A-



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Billy Hogan said...

When you compare Adler to LOEG, it makes me want to read this series. I've seen it in Previews, but hadn't yet ordered a copy. I may have to get the trade paperback of the first storyline and pick up the individual issues after that.